SFBay Data Entry Pricing

SFBay Data Entry offers services at a very competitive rate with high quality and fast turn around time. We offer 3 different pricing options to our customers depending upon there requirements and comfort. The hourly rates for Data Entry Services start only at $5.00 per hour.

Unit Base Rates

For unit base quote, we would request you to send us the detailed requirements, samples, output format required, total volume of project and required turnaround time, which will enable us to provide a better unit base quote. By the Record/Row/Line (This is normally charged based on the number of Fields/Row Headers we need to capture)

Man month Rates

Further we offer our services on man month basis for long term projects.
8 hours a day * 5 days a week = 160 per month. In such arrangements we may consider special discount depending upon the project size, complexity, turnaround time and duration of the project.

Hourly rates

SFBay Data Entry also offer our services on an hourly basis, which depends upon the services requested for. We are provide detailed production details along with the volume of work processed each day, and then provide a detailed production report. The actual rate depends on the services that you require

Per Key Stroke

Sometimes but rarely the price is also quoted per key stroke (This would be normally be 65 character per line with spaces)

For more information, please write to us as [email protected]