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    Offline Data Entry Services

    Professional Offline Data Entry Services
    Businesses these days work online almost exclusively. That said, there will always be times when data has to be entered offline – usually that happens when data has to be input from hand-written documents.

    At SFBay Data Entry, our offline data entry services specialists can handle any kind of typing job you might require. They are superbly trained, and can deliver quality offline data entry quickly and effectively. Simply bring us your hard copy – or for that matter, your scans and PDF files, or printed material.

    Our Offline Data Entry Services Deal With:

    • Data entry for documents and cards
    • Data entry from business cards
    • Data entry from index cards
    • Catalog data entry
    • Ballot card data entry
    • Data entry from jpg, tiff and other formats
    • Data entry from reports
    • Data entry from legal documents
    • PDF data entry
    • Manuscript data entry
    • Payroll data entry
    • Data entry from forms
    • Property record data entry
    • Data entry from financial statements
    • Data entry from directories
    • Data entry from birth, death and marriage records
    • Data entry from Yellow Pages
    • Data entry from books, vouchers, magazines, books and menus
    • Data entry from survey and customer feedback forms
    • Data entry for rebates
    • Data entry of hospital records and patient notes
    • Product data entry
    • Customer and billing data entry
    • Insurance claim and accident report data entry
    • And more!

    SFBayDataEntry is the leading Offline data entry services provider.

    SFBayDataEntry is specialized in providing professional Offline Data Entry Services, Data Entry Services, Data Entry of Business Surveys, Image Data Entry Services, Online Data Entry Services, Questionnaire Data Entry Services and Remote Data Entry Services. If you would like to receive a free quote for your project? Call +1.855.722.6669 or eMail us at [email protected].