Many schools, colleges, and universities across the United States have been creating digital year books. The digital versions, usually released in a PDF format, are easily readable on computers or hand-held devices like tablets and smartphones. They are also easily searchable: with a name search you can find a specific class or student in a matter of seconds. Yearbook Scanning

Scanning YearBooks

Many schools, colleges, and universities that are embracing digital year books are also converting their older year books into digital versions, using school, college, or university year book scanning.

School, university, and college year book scanning has some undeniable advantages:

• High-quality. School year book scanning can be done in black and white or in color. Regardless of which one you choose, the results will always be excellent – the digital year book will look just like the original.

• Non-destructive. College yearbook scanning, whether manual or automatic, is a safe process that doesn’t deteriorate the original year books, even if they are old. Professional document scanning providers like eRecordsUsa take special measures to ensure the scanning goes well.

• Uses OCR. University year book scanning relies on the advanced optical character recognition process, which makes images searchable. That means searching and finding images in scanned year books is less time consuming and frustrating. A search that otherwise would take hours or days for a printed handbook will be possible in a matter of minutes.

• Reduces need for editing. Scanned files can be saved in a document format which then can be easily edited in a word processing application like Microsoft Word or Open Office. This makes the republishing of older school, college, or university year books an easier job, since the originals can be quickly and easily edited and rewritten.

• Digitization. Last but not least, college, university, or school yearbook scanning makes it possible for educational institutions to distribute their year books to a wider audience. The print run of a physical year book is always limited, and most of it ends up in the hands of the students, the faculty, and their friends and families. A scanned year book can be quickly distributed online reaching new audiences.

School, college, and university yearbook scanning has undeniable benefits, but only when it’s done professionally. If you need to scan year books, eRecordsUsa can help you do it quickly and effectively, at a reasonable cost. Our services provide all the benefits described above.

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