Data Security

Security of Data and information is the Primary Focus of our operation. If security and confidentiality of the data is one of the major concerns then your have reached the right place. At SF Bay Data Entry, we ensure SECURITY and CONFIDENTIALITY of data in multiple ways, such as Site Security, Data Protection, Network Security, Personal Security, Physical Security.

SFBay Data Entry follow the most stringent security measure, and follow many of the tough compliance requirements. We Provide document scanning and Data Entry Services for Student Records, Medical Records, Legal Documents, highly secure government and city documents  and defense related businesses, research documents, and laboratory books.

SFBay Data Entry always sign a SECURITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY Agreements when working with Secure and confidential documents at the start of any Data Entry Project.

Site & Data & Network Security

  • Electronic security doors
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Equipped with fire extinguishers and smoke alarms
  • Only authorized personnel have access to customer data
  • All the data entry operators sign a confidentiality agreement
  • A daily backup of data is taken
  • Stringent security policies are followed when it comes to network access and passwords.
  • External drives such as pen drives and floppy disk drives have been disabled on every system.
  • Installed firewalls and the latest versions of antivirus software
  • A secure 128-bit SSL encryption Secure Server
  • Every system password protected.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plans

In case of software/hardware failures and natural calamities causing disruption to our business, we will ensure that your work is carried out without a delay, from our other delivery centers. To ensure business continuity, we have setup data recovery, disaster recovery and physical recovery policies.

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