Newspaper Scanning & Digitization Services

Newspaper Scanning & Digitization Services

We have extensive experience in transforming newspapers and magazines into digital formats. The advanced scanners and knowledgeable team guarantee that all original documents, whatever their size, type, antiquity, or delicacy, are converted into digital formats with outstanding quality.

We convert publications for libraries, public-sector bodies, historical organizations, news organizations, marketing firms, publishers, and more.

There are several benefits of outsourcing your newspaper scanning project to us including

Protect Old Newspapers

Digitizing your newspaper and magazine archives protects them from deterioration and makes them easier to store, locate and share. Outsourcing to us ensures high-quality scanning with a minimum turnaround time.

Scanning of Different Sizes

Retrieving data and information from old and fragile newspapers in a contemporary form requires special scanners having inbuilt editing features. At SF BAY Data Entry, we match the demands of old standard newspaper sizes.

Bulk Scanning at Affordable Prices

Scanning and digitization of newspapers, documents, maps, posters, brochures, and books, are all our areas of expertise and we have been handling these projects for a long time now. If you have bulk copies of newspapers and are looking for cost -effective scanning solutions, , SF BAY Data Entry scanning services are the best choice for you.

Hassle-Free, Time-Saving Scanning Service

Outsourcing newspaper scanning services is hassle free, cost-saving and time -saving project with SFBay Data Entry, To learn more about our services, please reach out to one of our team members—we’re always happy to help.

Choosing the Best Version

Many customers have paper copies of the source newspaper archives as well as microfilm copies. We will work with you to scan samples using the bound scanning and loose sheet newspaper scanning methods. We will finalize the scanning method by looking at the results. We are perfectly equipped to scan newspapers from any media – physical, microfilm, microfiche, or any other electronic storage device.

Additional Newspaper Scanning Services

Our newspaper scanning and digitization service use ultra high-quality scanners( Mekal Mach Machines) to scan newspapers from paper or microfilm into high-resolution grayscale images. The digital copies will have full-text searchable files. The quality of the documents is further enhanced using powerful OCR software and other popular formats such as PDF. Our processes focus on interactive capture to ensure every frame is captured accurately.

Benefits of Newspaper Scanning Services

There are a number of advantages that this service provides, starting with its relatively low cost and fast turnaround time for placing documents on a CD or DVD format.

Space: When you consider that a single CD holds up to 15,000 images which would normally fill a 4-drawer filing cabinet, you can see just how much room can be created with a scanning service.

Preservation: Thanks to scanning technology, documents will be saved for hundreds of years with no deterioration.

Time: Imagine how long it would take to find a single document among thousands, even if it was properly stored and labeled correctly. Now, finding that document on a CD takes mere seconds simply by typing in and bringing up the file. Searching for information has never been easier.

Multiple Accesses: Files on computers can be copies and recopied instantly if needed and even transferred online so that the files can be readily accessed. For documents that need to be accessed regularly, this is the perfect way to keep them safe, yet have them available when needed almost instantly.

When you consider the costs of scanning newspapers, documents and other files, it pales in comparison to how much it costs to keep, file and find these files in their paper form. This is why more and more businesses/ collectors/ institutions/ colleges and libraries are turning to scanning methods in order to increase their efficiency and bottom line as well.


We at SF BAY Data Entry provide partial and full newspaper scanning services. Even oversized newspapers are scanned with ease. Sometimes, you just need to scan only a small section and the photo, we’ll crop out that portion for you. If you’re working on a photo book with our design team, we can also crop out the headlines from your newspapers to keep everything together.

Sharing & Archiving After Converting Old Newspapers To Digital

The paper quality of the newspapers is not so good. It will deteriorate faster than photographs or film so it’s important to scan important information contained in newspaper clippings digitally. We have scanners to scan the newspapers without folding or compressing the size of the newspaper. The editing tools are used to scan any size and composite larger items back together again.

Preserving and sharing important information is a historical archival which is valued in the digital age as historical documents.
All you need to do is to reach us for your newspaper scanning and digitization project!

Resolution of the scanned newspaper

We always insist on scanning at a very good resolution. We prefer to scan at high resolution to maintain the quality of words. At high resolution, the scanning quality is always high. However, the resolution settings differ depending on the paper’s quality.

How Can We Help You?

We’ll ask you a few questions regarding the project details, how many copies to scan, the expected time, and other details before starting your project. Also, we ask about the digital format in which you would like to store your digital copies, and storage media( cloud, personal server, or USB).

Sometimes newspaper scanning is done for creating historical documents or in the bound book format. Therefore, we like to get more and more details from the client before we get started with scanning and digitization of newspapers.

Where are you located?

We can pick up your order from a nearby location. All our scanning process is carried out in our scanning center at Fremont. After scanning, your documents will be returned to you.

Request a Free Estimate Today

With SF BAY Data Entry, scanning is easy, convenient, and safe. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a hassle-free, no-obligation, free estimate, and start newspaper archiving by digitizing what matters most to you now and in the future.


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