SFBay Data Entry provides OCR Services, with in-depth business expertise, Innovative methods, and reliability that makes your business gain a competitive advantage, letting you focus on your core business activities. We also provide value-added data entry services such as indexing, Optical Character Recognition OCR, Adobe PDF documents, and data entry services in accordance with the specific customer requirements.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the process of converting an image of printed text into ASCII or Unicode. This process is extremely sensitive and should be carried our with utmost care. As errors are inherent in the OCR process, we offer OCR cleanup  services along with OCR services. OCR services alone cannot meet the requirements of the client when the highest possible levels of accuracy have first priority. For this, we use latest commercially available OCR software to ensure 99.95% accuracy. We perform OCR services to compare original documents against the OCR files to correct misread characters. OCR cleanup job are necessary in the ares of footnotes, tables and technical data and page formatting.

We capture and digitize data for electronic use, storage and retrieval. We offer OCR services with Clean up and Data Entry Services. The OCR clean up process identifies suspected OCR characters and forwards then to a data operator for manual verification. If your documents are hand written or have deteriorated considerably, OCR with clean up may not be practical in these case, we offer ” DOUBLE KEY” manual data entry. In this process data is simultaneously entered by two operators and validated by a third for high accuracy of 99.99%.

Our Services Include:

  • Cleanup of OCR output by trained technicians
  • OCR capability and our cleanup service includes quality control to 99.9% accuracy
  • Equipped with the latest high speed scanning equipment
  • Lowest cost services you will ever find anywhere
  • OCR clean-up, formatting and conversion to a variety of text formats

For more information on OCR Clean Up Services, please write us at [email protected].