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    Healthcare Data Entry Services

    Healthcare Data Entry Services

    Healthcare Data Entry Services

    Every day, the health care industry faces challenges. It’s not easy providing a good standard of care while struggling with the operational demands that occur day after day. What this means are those healthcare data entry services providers have to work better and more efficiently. In other words, they have to provide quality care while dealing with non-medical work like data entry.

    At SFBay Data Entry, we can help you with your outsourcing needs. We thrive on healthcare data entry services – it’s what we do, and it’s what we do well so that you don’t have to.

    We are fully HIPAA compliant, and our healthcare data entry services include:

    • Demographic data entry
    • EOB posting
    • Charge data entry
    • HCFA 150 form data entry
    • ADA dental form data entry
    • Medical record scans
    • Scanning and indexing of patient and medical records
    • Online insurance verification and capture data

    SFBayDataEntry is one of the leading healthcare data entry services provider.

    For more information on healthcare data entry services, contact us at [email protected].