SFBay Data Entry processes millions of documents a year. Everyday we receive a multitude of physical documents at our offices that need form data capture. Whether you have comment cards, sweepstakes entry forms, lead lists, mail lists, surveys, invoices, accounting information or any other type of document, SFBay Data Entry is ready to convert those documents into useful digital information using our offline data entry services Using state of the art technologies, we decide the most effective way to process your project. The world is going paperless. Mountains of paper documents can become a liability. SFBay Data Entry can convert paper into digital files, turning that liability into an asset. Order forms can easily be converted into a mailing or email list. The possibilities are endless and the value is real.

Lets get started. Manual Data Entry – Typing, Copy/Paste of Selectable Text OCR Data Entry – Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Assisted Data Entry. Our goal is to process the documents as cost effectively as possible.


Why Work with SFBay Data Entry !!

Easy communication: We are flexible in this regard, and can communicate with you for your data entry job at your preferred time via a phone, chatting through any IM, Email communication or through net-meetings. We are also ready to visit you in person at your site if the data entry project is big and ongoing.

Quality: With our vast experience of handling various type of data entry projects, we know about the key controls to maintain and process top quality data. Our proven quality processes and highly experienced personnel are the backbone in providing you with quality data entry services.

Turn-around Time: We are flexible as far as turn-around time is concerned and are able to provide you with the data entry services as fast as you need them. The main reasons which helps us in providing fast TAT are 24/7 operation and production houses in multiple cities. We can even handle real time data entry services, and can work in your time zone.

Competitive rates: We provide data entry services at highly competitive rates in the industry. We are able to offer you such competitive rates due to very less overhead expenses, and we always pass on this benefit to our clients as well! We also use customized applications and software tools according to the project requirements to synchronize and control different processes of your data entry project.

For more information, please write to us as info@SFBayDataEntry.com